What do you mean by an Electronic Component?

Electronic components are the physical entities in a piece of equipment, primarily comprising of industrial products, having various types of electrical terminals or leads. They connect to other electrical components, thereby creating an electronic circuit with a particular function.

Why are electronic components important?

Electronic gadgets or components have modernized our working, playing, shopping, and communication, which makes your life comfortable and convenient. In the present world, you can find a substantial range of applications in aviation, medical, healthcare, and other industries. Many individuals use electronic components as part of their daily routine. Here are some of the reasons as to why electronic components are essential.

⦁ Increases your efficiency – The electronic gadgets have made communication faster. The technologies like telephones, emails, software for internet and telecommunication enables you to convey your messages in no time, unlike the traditional communication methods. They also increase human productivity in workplaces, thereby making the environment better.
⦁ Joy and recreation to the family – The advanced technologies like web-cam and other video accessories help you to interact with your family and friends, which makes distant things come close.
⦁ Makes things compact – A single gadget in an electronic device facilitates multiple functions for more than one product.
⦁ Saves your space – In terms of communication, the placement of the traditional wired handsets was possible only for connectivity, which occupies the space. In contrast to conventional landline phones, the mobiles are portable, which allows the users to access calls & the internet when they move around.
⦁ Entertaining and relaxing – The electronic gadgets like iPods, music systems, video games, DVD players, and TV entertains, educates, and relaxes the minds of the users after their day’s work in the office. Also, these gadgets make you laugh, owing to access to your emotions and needs.
⦁ Scope for innovation and creativity – As the technology is ever-changing and challenging, it gives room to your brain to work towards its full potential. When you successfully launch a gadget or an application in the market, it gives you an idea to improvise the device with additional features. Electronic gadgets like computers and laptops have also made it easy for users to start their business at home even with zero investment.

What are the types of electronic components can you get?

Multicorp comes to you with some of the electronic components like:

The capacitor helps in building multiple electronic circuits. It is a passive two-terminal electrical component, having the storage capacity in an electrical field. The capacitor can split and discharge within the fraction of a second. The capacitors are available in all types of shapes and sizes according to your budget.

The resistor is also a passive two-terminal electrical device like a capacitor. However, the resistor regulates the current flow. It is one of the most common components as an inherent element for all electronic circuits, naturally possessed by many conductors. You can get the resistors in a spiral pattern in a carbon film, which helps in lower power circuits. Though the carbon film resistors are not as precise as the wired resistors, the cost of the former is relatively less.

Diode, a two-terminal device, permits the electric current to flow in a single direction. You can also use a diode as a substitute for a check valve or a one-way street, commonly used for converting an alternating current into a direct current. It is available in semiconductor material or vacuum tube. However, the semiconductor material is more common in the current trend. The different types of diodes are vacuum diode and P-N junction diode.

The transistor is one of the most valued components in a circuit, which has modernized the global market. They are tiny semiconductor devices having three terminals for over five decades, uses as amplifiers and switching devices.

The inductor of a circuit comes to you with two terminals. You can also call it as a reactor. The inductor stores energy in its magnetic field that returns the same whenever there is a need. The renowned scientists have discovered that if we place two inductors side by side, without touching each other, the first inductor created by the magnetic field affects the second. When the current passes through a wire, it generates a magnetic field with a unique shape, making the magnetic field stronger.

Relay works like an electronic switch, which allows you to open or close the circuits. It does not require much current for operation. You can also use the relay to regulate low flows as well as high electric circuits. If you don’t have a lever, you can use a relay to serve your purpose. Relays can either be an electromagnetic state or a solid-state. An electromagnetic relay consists of a frame, coil, armature, spring, and contacts, wherein the frame supports almost all the parts of the relay. The armature moves the relay switch. The metal rod, surrounded by a coil, generates a magnetic field, which gives the movement to the armature. A solid-state relay contains an input circuit, control unit, and an output circuit.

Quartz crystals are available in various software applications with the natural form of silicon in the field of electronics. But people use the quartz as a resonator in electric circuits. Now, there is a high demand for quartz, which are available in many sizes according to the application requirements.

Brands of Electronic Components

The electronic components are available in various brands. At Multicorp, you can find all types of brands under a single roof. Some of the popular brands are:
⦁ ADDA Inc – is a leading distributor of electronic components in the thermal management industry. It deals with CPU cooler modules, blower fans, etc.
⦁ TE Connectivity – Deals with the products that connect & protects the data and power flow, which includes interconnects, switches, sockets, etc.
⦁ Amphenol Connex – Is a well-known manufacturer & supplier for RF connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, etc.
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