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50 Years of designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality Reed Relays for Instrumentation and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), High voltage switching, Low thermal EMF, Direct drive from CMOS, RF switching and other specialist applications.

Pickering Relays are available in Surface Mount, Single-in-Line (SIL), Dual-in-Line (DIL) and many other popular package styles.

…or something like these:

Pickering’s major items by Application include:

  • High Density
  • High Voltage
  • General Instrumentation
  • RF Fast / Digital
  • Portable Equipment
  • High Power
  • Data Aquisition
  • Low Thermal EMF
  • Thermocouple Switching
  • Direct Drive from CMOS
  • Low Capacitance

New Products

Dry Changeover Series 109

  • The small size of these relays can allow around 80 % more relays onto your PCB. Ideal for A.T.E. switching matrices.

High Voltage Series 67/68

  • Single-in-Line (SIL) relays for up to 10kV. Ideal for cable and transformer test or other high voltage applications.

High Density Series 120

  • New reed relay with the world's smallest footprint of 4mm x 4mm. Switching up to 20 Watts, 1 Amp. Ideal for high density matrices and multiplexers.

High Voltage Series 119

  • The smallest HV relays for up to 3kV. Mixed Signal ATE, Cable Test or other high voltage applications where space is at a premium..


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