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DIN Mount Relays, Reed and Solid State Relays


Multicorp Pty Ltd are proud to be the sole Australian Distributor for Pickering Reed Relays.

Pickering Relay make high precision reed relays for the communications industry, special applications such as Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and data logging.

Relays can be made to satisfy demanding requirements such as ultra high insulation resistance, low thermal EMF, very low capacitance and many other requirements.

Virtually all the relay product range have full magnetic screening which enables side by side mounting with negligible magnetic interaction.

General Purpose to High Voltage relays are available.

Multicorp also supply ECE brand low cost reed relays.


These have been replaced by ECE brand part number ESR5002404000.pdf


3-32V DC INPUT / 240V & 480V AC OUTPUT.

GA56D25 (25 AMP) *
G240D45 (45 AMP) *
G480D25 (25 AMP 480V)
G480D50 (50 AMP 480V) ̃ CRYDOM part number D2450
G480D90 (90 AMP 480V) ̃ MASTER ELECTRONIC (CRYDOM) part number SSD4890.


90-280V AC INPUT / 240V & 480V AC OUTPUT.

GA56A25 (25 AMP) ̃ CRYDOM part number A2425. ̃ MAGNACRAFT part number W6225ASX-1
G280A45 (45 AMP) ̃ GENTRON part number SSR600240A55. 90-280VAC INPUT/240VAC OUTPUT 55 AMP
G480A25 (25 AMP 480V)
G480A50 (50 AMP 480V)
G480A90 (90 AMP 480V) ̃ CROUZET part number GN84137141. 90-280VAC INPUT/48-660VAC OUTPUT.


3-32V DC INPUT / 50 & 200V DC OUTPUT.

GF50D30 (30 AMP 50V) ̃ CROUZET part number GN84137870
GF200D10 (10 AMP 200V).


18-32V AC INPUT / 24-280V AC OUTPUT.

G280E25 (25 AMP 280V).


Solid State Relay Cover.

SSRC. These are available ex-stock.



LY 2N - 24 & 240 VAC and 24 VDC with LED plus DIN Rail Base
MY 4N - 24 & 240 VAC and 24 VDC with LED plus DIN Rail Base.


SSR Heat Sink.

It is always a good idea to put your SSR's on heat sinks.

Panel Mount Heatsink. A050. $13.80 ea.
These are W123 x L70 x H50. Rated 1C/Watt.

New DIN Rail Heatsink. DRHS-1. $17.50 ea.
Rated 0.7C/Watt.

These stand approx. 80mm high and 58mm wide. Solid Sate Relay in pictures are for illustration purpose only.